Suitable for those who have some sewing experience or have completed the Beginner sewing classes

Cost £30 per session

Typically it will take about 3 to 4 sessions for a simple dress.

In these sessions you will learn

  • how to read a commercial pattern
  • how to cut cut your fabric
  • how to  assemble pattern pieces
  • how to adjust for a perfect fit
  • ​depending on the style chosen, you can learn to put in sleeves. and/or a zip

​When you book your sessions we will discuss patterns and fabrics.

Have a look at my Pinterest board for inspiration. I have chosen some patterns that I think will be pretty straight forward for new sewists.

There is one for general sewing

and one specifically for dresses.

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Booking more sessions

If you know you'd like to book lots of sessions you can book 6 sessions at £150.